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// Script key: Make markdown list var listPrefix = '-'; var text = getText(); setText(text.replace(/^([+*-]\s+)?(?=\w)/gm, listPrefix+' '));
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This app was hacked together by (@jneug) using these awesome components:


This page is an IDE for the iOS App Drafts by Agile Tortoise, Inc.

Enter your code into the Editor, choose how to run the code (as an Action Step or Script Key) and press Run. Remember that you have access to the browsers developer tools (e.g. console.log).

It can run completely offline, but you can access an online version at drafts.neugebauer.cc Otherwise checkout the source from GitHub. Feel free to modify the code as you like.

The tool does not support every last feature of Drafts, but most of the relevant stuff to develop cool actions and keys. If you are missing an important part, just drop me a line on Twitter or make a pull request on GitHub.